More than 200 million people in the United States will encounter at least one trauma in their lifetimes.  Though some experience posttraumatic stress disorder and other serious psychological consequences, most are able to eventually recover and go on to live normal, well-adjusted lives.  People are resilient, they bounce back. And sometimes they even bounce forward in truly remarkable ways.  

Beginning where resilience ends, SUPERSURVIVORS examines the stories and science behind cases where trauma survivors don’t just grow, they revolutionize their lives.  Having survived, these individuals radically deviate from their previous life paths.  In so doing, they transform the meaning of their personal tragedies by making them the basis for dramatic and long-term life change, often discovering hidden parts of themselves and contributing to the world in ways they never thought possible. 

"I can’t remember the last time I was so fascinated and moved by a book—let alone one grounded in science.”

Adam GrantThe New York Times bestselling author of GIVE & TAKE

"An astonishing book.” 
- Ruth Messinger, President, ​American Jewish World Service

"Supersurvivors dares to...shake the foundations of the way 
​we conceive recovery."
- Po Bronson,
The New York Times bestselling author of NURTURESHOCK

#1 Bestseller

One "of the most valuable and interesting business books released this year!"

- Business Insider